For this event we provide either Single or Couple Registration. If you‘re only planning to attend the parties you can pay the entrance fee at the door.


Registration starts on December 1st.

Weekend Pass

  • Tier I (first 15 Passes)140,00 €
  • Tier II (up to 30 Passes)150,00 €
  • Tier III (up to 80 Passes)160,00 €
  • Tier IV (after 80 Passes)170,00 €
  • Advanced dancers50% off (actual tier)
  • All Star dancers30,00 €

Party only

If you want to visit our amazing parties, feel free to come and pay at the checkin or book a Party pass! :)! 

Party Pass: 40,00 €

Notes regarding registration

  • We can only confirm couple registrations immediately, thus we encourage you to sign up with a partner.
    • “Couple registration (separate)”:
      • use this option if you sign up with a friend or even a stranger from the opposite role to help gender balancing
      • you both carry out registration on your own, and you will only need to add your partner’s name as an extra
    • “Couple registration (bound)”:
      • use this option if you would like only one of you to manage your registrations and payment (e.g. if you are life partners)
  • Single registrations will be placed on the waiting list until we match them up with a registration for the opposite role. We will do our best to let you in; you can help it by having a friend who is registering later adding your name – you‘ll get in automatically then 🙂 .