We provide you with three amazing Workshop levels to achieve the progress you‘re looking for!
It‘s up to you, which level you‘re going to attend but we kindly ask you to pay attention to the level descriptions so everybody can get the most out of their workshop experience.

Reunion Level

For West Coast Swing dancers experiencing the dawn of their journey.

You’re familiar with the basics and ready for the next step. Improve your technique and learn about pattern variations and new footwork.

Don’t be fooled by this “low“ level! Our teachers won’t spare a single detail in their explanation. Inspired by new possibilities, experience WCS like never before and shine bright like the sun.

Social Level

You’ve reached the peak, like the sun at noon, but you long for more!

Confident in your lead/follow skills with rock solid basics, you long for advanced styling and movements to develop your own unique style.

Your goal is not only to make yourself look cool while dancing, but to shine with your partner in whatever situation you might find yourself in.
This class will give you the tools, so you can reach for the stars.

Intensive Level

Even hardcore dancers, who sweat blood and tears, will have to channel all their inner strength, to rise to this challenge!

You already achieved a lot in your dancing, but you are far from done. Get down to the very core of each movement and pattern so you can choose the elements that suit you and craft and perfect your own style.

Alongside complex pattern combinations to spice up your dance flow the teachers focus on appearance aspects, so you leave a lasting impression.

Reflect upon every action to find your true self.

Advanced / All-Star Level

This is the only closed level and is reserved for dancers competing in WSDC Advanced and All-Star division only.