Erding offers a wide variety of hotels to stay at, some more some less expensive. We prepared a list of suggestions, that won‘t cost you a fortune, while still providing decent rooms and services. Most of them in short distance to our event location.

For some of the hotels you receive a special discount. It's shown up in the description of the hotels.


Since some of our suggestions are more than a few minutes away from the dance school we organized a shuttle service (Akzent Hotel -> Ibis -> dance school; reverse order for back), which you can book up to 20mins before departure. Note that there is a maximum of 28 seats per tour.

See our bus schedule on the rightfor further details.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to book transfers from the airport to the hotels and back. A ride for 1 to 4 people will cost 33€ and 38€ for 5 to 8 people, so we suggest to form groups with friends that stay at the same hotel.

Please note that we can only provide a free shuttle service in the morning and the end of the parties. Shuttles in between can be booked directly with the company providing the service.


Bus Schedule

The Schedule will be published here
before the event begins.